Helsinki Chamber Soloists

The Helsinki Chamber Soloists are a group of musicians from the Helsinki Philharmonic, Finnish Radio Symphony, Turku Philharmonic and Tampere Symphony orchestras. The musicians are from Finland and 6 other countries, reflecting the international scope of Helsinki’s music scene.

The HCS mainly perform chamber arrangements of symphonic works without conductor. As part of a streamlined ensemble, the soloists reveal the clarity of a work’s individual lines and offer a more personal interpretation to orchestral masterpieces, bringing a unique intimacy to the listening experience. Although chamber arrangements of symphonies are rarely played today, they embody a tradition dating back to the Viennese society Verein für musikalische Privataufführungen, founded by Arnold Schönberg in 1918.

Founded 100 years later, the Helsinki Chamber Soloists will bring this hidden genre to life, performing works by Mahler, Brahms, Debussy, and others, both in Finland and abroad.